Some Folks Just Shouldn’t Be Allowed on TV or the Internet

Now, I’m a huge fan of Dr. Phil, because I prefer real drama to dramatized drama (i.e., soap operas). So, I flip to today’s episode and today’s topic is about folks who have judgmental issues. Nah, seriously, y’all. I thought I had issues….yeah, not so much. So, we have a man-hater, a chauvinist, a misanthrope, a racist Black woman (ahem, she doesn’t like black folks–more on this later), a “morally righteous” (their wording, we may use the term “Bible-thumper” instead, although it’s not such a nice term), and a….well, “ugly person” hater (we’d call her a bitch. And I absolutely abhor that word…but, well…)

Whew. Now, I was aware such people existed. Hell, every once and a while I throw on my bitch cape. I can’t see doing it every day, though. As a Black woman, I’m fully aware that there are some folks within my race who aren’t happy being Black, who feel they cannot identify with the culture, and wish they could be different. I’m aware that said Black folks hold the same convictions that the stereotypical Caucasian bigot tends to hold (I say stereotypical because well, White folks ain’t the only folks who take issue with Blacks.) But I’m not gonna be upset about this woman who sees Black folks as “trashy, ghetto” people. I’m just gonna chalk it up to ignorance and pray she sees the light.

What I do want to focus on, however, are the self-professed Man-Hater and the Chauvinist.

Y’all might wanna go grab a snack and a drink for this one. G’head, I’ll wait. Ready? Ok.

So, the Man-Hater is, of course, a woman. She says she speaks down to men like the (insert random animal here) they are. They aren’t capable of thinking with their brains, they think below the waist. And, ok, while that may be true for some men (or at least the asses I dated), this cannot be said for all. And to lump the inherent jackasses with the good men is just damn dumb. If you expect all men will be assholes to you, then they WILL be assholes to you (in the case where men are assholes simply to be assholes, then you should tell them so, and politely tell them to fuck off. Just sayin’.)

And this leads me to the Chauvinist. Dear God in Heaven. Now, I should specify, as “Dick” (heh. fitting name, isn’t it?) has on the show, that he doesn’t HATE women. No, no, quite the contrary, he just thinks men are better.


Now, if you choose to peruse his website (tread carefully ladies, because his “truth” shall offend your soft sensibilities), you’ll see gems such as “Every Woman is a Cheating Whore” (word?), “Feminism is Stupid,” “Women Would Vote for Hitler,” (*snort*) and finally, the creme de la creme that is “Date Rape is a Myth.”(the fuck?!) But no, he doesn’t HATE women, folks. *derisive eye roll* But not only does he only proclaim his supremacy, he put all his bullshit on the ‘Net for the world to see. And there are MEN WHO BUY INTO IT. *sigh* It’s becoming an infestation. These men make a good case for the Man-Hater above: they’re jackasses.

Well, since he put his opinion on the net for the world to see, I’ll give my totally non-medical analysis of his behavior (not into the whole “women are better than men” argument: I believe all sexes are equal. Weird, ain’t it?) But my analysis isn’t that revolutionary: someone hurt him.

Yep. Somebody must have made him feel less than he was. Which sucks in general. However, he’s decided to allow that ego wound to fester and has now infected the world with his chauvinism. It’s a whole power thing: if he can shame a woman, he feels better, and if he can find co-signers, that just makes it better. And all this just makes him even more pathetic.

But y’know, I’m a woman. So my opinion is like, so unimportant. *head shake*

Yeah. This bunch of folks makes me wonder why we can’t make folks get a license to use certian media. Oh, right, right. That whole free speech thing. Damn.


2 Responses to “Some Folks Just Shouldn’t Be Allowed on TV or the Internet”

  1. 1 nuckingfutz
    November 7, 2007 at 2:33 pm

    You know, there are times I’m SOOO glad I can only watch Dr. Phil episodes from like two YEARS ago (we be very very slow here in the UK). Watching something like this would most certainly make my head explode.

    I’m not gonna touch that whole “Black racist against Black” thing either. Mostly beause I happen to NOT be Black and while I might have opinions on the subject I feel I should keep them to myself (let’s just say I agree with what you said in the post and leave it at that).

    But OH MY GAWD. I’ll be honest – I’m a survivor of abuse by my alcoholic father, I’ve been raped, I lived with an alcoholic who beat the crap out of me, and I STILL don’t think ALL men are (insert random animal here). I JOKE that all men are assholes – but I mean that in the same way that all women are bitches. All men can be asshole-ish, just like all women can be bitch-y. But that doesn’t necessarily make them all assholes, if that makes any sense.

    And that guy? OMG… he needs to meet me and my clue-by-four, I’m tellin’ ya.

    You really hit the nail on the head with that post, though. Just because they HAVE the right to free speech doesn’t mean they have to spout out any old bullshit that happens to enter their heads. Jeeze. Haven’t these people ever heard of self-control? (I know, I know, I’m fat, what do *I* know about self-control, right? :-P)

  2. November 7, 2007 at 4:28 pm

    “Haven’t these people ever heard of self-control? (I know, I know, I’m fat, what do *I* know about self-control, right? :-P)”


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