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“We, The Jury, Cannot Reach A Decision…”

Now, last week, I was told that the fat causes cancer and will kill me. This week, I found out that hey…the fat ain’t so bad and can actually be beneficial! I was elated that science finally caught up with the rest of us. I also found myself explaining this revelation to BuddingStarlet, who emailed me as soon as she found out the news:

BuddingStarlet: “Hey, I just read about this new study on CNN. Does this mean I’m not gonna die from the fat?”

Me: “Well, according to the article I read, up to 25 lbs extra cushion can be beneficial. But this info only refers to those who are considered overweight by BMI standards, like you are, for example. I’m considered morbidly obese, so this news ain’t for me.”

Her: “But I don’t get it. Am I gonna die or not?”

And this is the issue folks in the medical community are obsessing over right now. Just like BuddingStarlet still wasn’t sure if she was gonna die tomorrow from the fat (well, this article, released today, says no, she won’t, but she still ain’t healthy), the medical community doesn’t know what to do with the idea that fat doesn’t automatically equal death. I mean, why can’t these OMGOBESITYEPIDEMIC folks let us have one study(never mind there are many more) that means we can come out from hiding because the nation makes us ashamed of our fat? I mean, even though it has been documented countless times that weight is not an indicator of health, it amazes me that these doctors go…”Ok, ok fine, no, the fat won’t kill you….BUT! You are STILL UNHEALTHY! Go lose weight!” This continual influx of information on the world is going to lead to what BuddingStarlet is experiencing now: confusion.

I’m aware that medicine isn’t an exact science. I don’t expect doctors and researchers and the like to be perfect in their findings; that there is a definite black and white explanation of things. What I DO expect is that these doctors and researchers take the time to decrease the amount of gray area generated by these conflicting reports as opposed to arguing one way or another.

Now, I know there are folks reading now that want to know how I personally feel about the situation. I, of course, think that the extra pounds study is indeed true, and I also believe that overweight does not equal unhealthy. I get my idea not just from my personal experience as a fat woman, but from countless researchers that actually took the time to investigate fat and health, and realized that yes, kids, the two can coincide with each other, as opposed to the whole fat=unhealthy mantra that the diet industry, among others, has continually shoved down our throats. Because, as we all know, not all fat people are unhealthy, just as all thin people are not healthy, and vice versa. No one assumption can be made for all people, and the moment these doctors and researchers stop stigmatizing fat as deadly and thin as ideal and begin advocating HEALTH–MINUS the label of weight–we will see a dramatic change in how patients are treated in today’s health-care system.

Or at least it would in an ideal world.

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