‘Tis The Season…

..for the onslaught of seasonal diet commercials. So, I’m watching my afternoon cartoons (yay SpongeBob!) and suddenly I hear “The 12 Days of Christmas”. But it’s an advertisement for Jenny Craig.  And I’ve been seeing more and more of the “festive” NutriSystem commercial. You know, the one where the ladies are on the stage in their pretty (tight and short) party duds? Le sigh.

When did the holidays become less about Yuletide cheer and more about waistlines?

I mean, as a child, I always welcomed the season. Warm fires, wrapping presents, shopping, and cooking with my grandma. For me, there was no better time of year. Especially because since folks can’t seem to treat each other right the other 10 months of the year (the holidays start in November for me…others it doesn’t begin till December), it seems many people grow a soul the last two months of the year. Despite how ass backwards that whole concept is (and is a subject for another rant at another time) I still loved to see it. It gave me hope for humanity…before I became a jaded adult, that is.

But what do I see now? I see games that “promote healthy eating habits in kids,” news articles that encourage people to “not wait until the New Year to lose weight and be healthy” and magazine articles that help “maintain your diet! Avoid these 348763874563847 foods during your holiday gathering.”  It seems that now the holidays is less about spreading cheer and more about burning fat, maintaining your lack of fat, or avoiding the fat.

Damn, that’s depressing.

How’s about we embrace the message of the season? The fact is, folks will always extend love and kindness to others, for the most part, but leave themselves out of the equation. It’s important to love YOURSELVES too, y’all. And I just don’t mean as far as the toll dieting and extreme exercise can put on you physically. It’s easy to mentally abuse yourself, too. Shopping for that gorgeous holiday gown? You’ll find plenty of things in a range of sizes, but you wish you could fit the smaller end of things. And the mental self-abuse begins.

“Gawd. I look like a WHALE in this dress.” *chunks dress out of dressing room*

“Why doesn’t this fit better? I used to be able to wear this and look good!” *throws dress to floor in huff*

“Why do I even BOTHER to shop. Nothing fits me. I’m so ugly….” *leaves store discouraged*

I’ve been through this, as I’m sure many of y’all have. But what does it get us? Broken hearts, spirits, and psyches. And you wouldn’t do that to your best friend, would you? So why do it to your other best friend…yourself?

Y’all, don’t get caught up in the hype this year. Don’t let your insecurities take over your holiday season, or your spring, summer, fall, or winter, for that matter.

Let there be peace on Earth. And let it begin within.


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