Resolve to Love You

Ah, yes. It’s back. It’s that time of year where folks begin to regret the relaxation they experienced over the holidays…and begin to plan their yearly assault on the fat. And the diet industry has been feeding on the soon-to-be more prominent mass hysteria that is the “Lose Weight and Look Great!” resolution.

As I’m lolling in bed this morning, contemplating an old fashioned southern breakfast (eggs, toast, southern style hash browns–the ‘tatoes are cubed and not shredded–grits, sausage, y’know, the usual), I see the now infamous “Diets don’t work” commercial from the Weight Watchers, the Special K commercial where the child mistakes Mom for Santa (*massive sigh*), the NutriSystem commercial where their success stories are participating in a fashion show(the phrase “NutriSexy” was thrown about. I giggled uproariously), and finally, the commercial whose message I’d like to focus on today, the Jenny Craig commercial in which an emotional Valerie Bertinelli says she’ll wake up on January 1 and not worry about her weight.

Ok, first, let me just say any one (man, woman, child, dog, cat) who can wake up on New Year’s and not feel like they have to do a Draconian weight loss program is doin’ big things in life. I just wish that Ms. Bertinelli didn’t have to LOSE weight in order to allow herself the pass on WORRYING about her weight another year.

I sense jaws dropping. It’s a revolutionary thought, isn’t it?

As has been discussed in the Fantasy of Being Thin thread over at Kate’s place, folks hinge so much on being thin they forget to live life. So essentially, the majority of what folks sink into the first of the year is the “I GOTTA lose weight” mantra because they wholeheartedly feel that their lives don’t begin until they fit into any size that’s smaller than the size they wear now. And as a result, if folks fall off the wagon for whatever reason, all of their OTHER goals that they had set for “when I become a size ____” will automatically fall by the wayside. Because you can’t learn another language/how to sew/how to make sushi so on and so forth unless you fit into a size 2, right? Because you can’t love yourself/love your life/ get a husband or wife if you’re fat, right? So folks close themselves into bubbles and shut themselves into corners because they just know their lives will be less enriched without that damned scale saying the right numbers.

One’s sanity, one’s peace of mind, one’s WORTH, cannot be determined by numbers on a scale, y’all. Your waistline does not say anything about the person that you are. So, for the love of sweet creamery butter, do NOT allow the onslaught of new diet/weight-loss ads and the upcoming premiere of the Biggest Loser determine what your resolutions this year are, folks. Resolve to be just like Valerie Bertinelli: wake up tomorrow and NOT worry about your weight.

And if you use up all of your Sanity Watchers points just by tuning in to say, a cartoon or movie on the tube, go over to this thread here and immerse yourself in other folks resolutions…ones that have nothing to do with weight loss and everything to do with living life.

Happy New Year, y’all!


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