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She Looks Good…Hell, I Look Good Naked!

Heh. Oddly enough, that was my first reaction when I finally saw the much buzzed-about “How To Look Good Naked” starring the one and only Carson (of Queer Eye fame).

Honestly, even with all of the positive feedback, I was still kind of skeptical. Won’t there be some “We’re gonna hide your flaws under mounds of clothing” foolishness? Or the ever favorite, “You’re cute, so shut up. You don’t get to complain.”

Well. I ate those words along with my homemade potato soup, y’all. This young woman (whose name escapes me right this second) was allowed to cry and vent. No eye-rolling or anything saucy like that (like a couple of other fashion mavens from a competing ┬ánetwork that we won’t mention today.)

What struck me, however, was the fact that this perfectly healthy and beautiful woman had been put on a diet since the age of 12. See, if this ain’t the poster of what not to do to your (supposedly) fat teen (Begin tangent: if the show ain’t get the point across, hop over here and read the various accounts of familial fat hate. And if you are the parent of a fat child and you surf your way that direction? When you’re done, go hug your child and tell them you love them as they are. End tangent.) I have no idea what is. This poor woman had been so warped that she thought beauty only came when she was 40lbs lighter. And truthfully, when one has had this whole “You’d be beautiful if you were thinner” mentality hammered in your head, hell, the Almighty could come down and tell you you’re gorgeous and you’d ponder before saying “Thank You.”

So, for me, the lover of all things called reality tv (I’m a walking encyclopedia for American Idol, Top Model….yeah.) as well as all things makeover shows (even the irritating ones)–I gotta give this one two thumbs up. It was really an empowering thing. Because once the show was over and I took my shower, I posed in the mirror admiring my curves, my stretch marks, my belly…everything I once thought was wrong with me…was perhaps only what I thought was wrong with me.

Ain’t self introspection beautiful, y’all?

Oh, and if y’all want to see a review of the British version, hop on over here and read what Nuckingfutz had to say.

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