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My Troll Cherry Has Been Popped

Addendum: Ok, so I’m thinking that perhaps I am being a bit harsh. Sometimes my concience can really nag at me. At any rate, I do want folks who are coming by to visit to NOT be afraid of leaving me a comment. However, per my pseudo-comment policy (see the Welcome! tab up top), I reserve the right to ridicule folks who come here and are disrespectful. You now have an example of disrespectful. Had Human simply said, nicely, what photophobic was, then I would have said thanks, directed them to the previous post, and kept it moving. That didn’t happen, so s/he got to be my anxiety reliever. 

And I’m damn disappointed. I figured that I’d have a logical argument. Or something. No, kids, that’s not what I got at all. Remember my post I wrote like, earlier today? The one in which I outline what “photophobic” actually means? And where I emphasize that I don’t use the term to downplay anyone who may indeed be truly photophobic? Y’know. Oh, and up top where I explain my version of Photophobic: fear(phobia)+ pictures(photos)=photophobic—yeah. Damn troll missed that whole section completely, cause this is what I ended up getting:

photophobia is dislike of light…………..idot

What the fuck, yo. Now, I’m not gonna tell y’all this fool left the comment on the aforementioned “Why I Am Photophobic” tab. *snicker* Anyhow, let’s break this down for a second. A dislike is not a fear. In order for it to be a phobia, it has to be a fear. Ergo, you, dear Human (I don’t make the trolls, I just ridicule them, folks) may not know much more about it than I do.

Actually, in my previous post, I told you EXACTLY what it was, and I even pasted the definition for your convienience. Thanks for not reading.

Oh, and if you’re gonna insult me? I’ll thank you to take the time to spell it correctly. “Idiot” has two i’s, motherfucker. Do please get it right or stay the hell away.

Now, typically, I wouldn’t entertain comments this stupid (because, SERIOUSLY, 5 minutes of reading could have kept this from happening), but I have some developments and such going on tomorrow (good ones!), and I needed to release some anxiety.

I feel better. Was it good for you? Cause it was lovely for me.


My Favorite Search Terms

I love reading my stats. Not only do I get to see how many folks pop by to read my rants, but I get to see how people got to my blog.

Some come via other sites, and some get here through searches. Those searches…oh boy. I simply giggle when I see some of the searches folks run.

One day, I got a hit from someone looking for Paula Deen’s caramel cake recipe. I’m sorry I didn’t have it posted (my caramel cake recipe came from a Southern Living cookbook), but, if you should ever need it again, click here.

Someone else ran a search on “don’t hire fat people”. Hm. I’m not so sure what to say to this one (maybe you were looking for someone else’s article on the subject?) but I will say this: the only time you should ever decide NOT to hire a fat person is if said person isn’t right for the job. Basically, it would be the same reason you wouldn’t hire ANY SIZED person for a job. Skills, education, and merit should shape a decision of that nature, not size.

Another researcher coasted in with “treating obese people with insensitivity.” See above. Folks rarely deserve to be treated with insensitivity. If you rape and shoot folks? Yes, I reserve the right to be insensitive. If you’re fat? Why would I be? If you’re thin, in-between…seriously, folks. Size is not a moral failing, I don’t give a damn who the hell told you otherwise. Humans should be treated with respect regardless of size, height, age, skin color, or religion. Period.

Next up: “Is too much bread making me fat?” Hm. Well, the sassiness in me says absolutely not. But then, your weight gain could be indicative of a medical issue. Perhaps you don’t metabolize sugar well (since bread=carbs=sugars), and all you want is bread because your body is screaming for something it can’t get. Perhaps you have PCOS. My point is, don’t vilify the bread just yet. See if it’s something serious, and if not, I say enjoy the bread anyway. But for the love of yeasty baked goods, don’t give up the bread just to drop some pounds. It isn’t worth it.

A real good one was the person who found me through the search “fat people can’t help it bullshit.” My, my, my. Well, darlin’, on the off chance you weren’t looking for a specific article with that line, or surprised to find someone who didn’t cosign with that touch of jackassery, let me tell you something. Unless you can tell me exactly why people gain weight (and I mean ALL people, not just blanketed statements) and cannot take it off, and it be something as simple as making me a Bunsen Burner (as in less calories in, burn more, weight loss bullshit fed to us fat folks), some of us CANNOT HELP IT. I dunno why I’m fat. I eat healthy, I work out, all that stuff that as a “good fatty” *eye roll* I’m told to do, and I’m fat. I’ve done diet after diet and become nothing but broke and depressed. You think I have some kind of moral failing? I don’t. Nor does any other fat person in the world, be they sedentary or active, healthy eaters or otherwise. To put it in the simplest, crudest terms possible: fuck you. You don’t get to decide what’s truth and fiction for everybody, yo.

And finally, I come to the number one reason folks make it to my blog: folks want to know what in the hell Photophobic means. And for the record, the actual meaning of photophobic is not the meaning I’ve invented for the use of my blog. According to MSN Encarta, the actual meaning of photophobic is:

1. Affected by photophobia: related to or having a condition in which the eye has very low tolerance to light.

2. Being afraid of light: having an irrational fear of light

3. Growing well in reduced light: describes an organism such as a plant that grows well in reduced light.

Nah. Nothing to do with how I use it at all. Full disclosure: I had no clue there was such a thing as photophobia…or being photophobic, so if anyone is offended by my cavalier use (simply to indicate I have a fear of taking pictures) then I apologize. But in case anyone really wanted to know what it means: there you go.



I’d like to send glowing congrats to the bloggers featured in the New York Times article. Y’all effin RAWK! Without y’all, I’d probably still me in my funk about my belly…and I’m no longer in the dark. So thanks for what y’all do, for real.

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