My Troll Cherry Has Been Popped

Addendum: Ok, so I’m thinking that perhaps I am being a bit harsh. Sometimes my concience can really nag at me. At any rate, I do want folks who are coming by to visit to NOT be afraid of leaving me a comment. However, per my pseudo-comment policy (see the Welcome! tab up top), I reserve the right to ridicule folks who come here and are disrespectful. You now have an example of disrespectful. Had Human simply said, nicely, what photophobic was, then I would have said thanks, directed them to the previous post, and kept it moving. That didn’t happen, so s/he got to be my anxiety reliever. 

And I’m damn disappointed. I figured that I’d have a logical argument. Or something. No, kids, that’s not what I got at all. Remember my post I wrote like, earlier today? The one in which I outline what “photophobic” actually means? And where I emphasize that I don’t use the term to downplay anyone who may indeed be truly photophobic? Y’know. Oh, and up top where I explain my version of Photophobic: fear(phobia)+ pictures(photos)=photophobic—yeah. Damn troll missed that whole section completely, cause this is what I ended up getting:

photophobia is dislike of light…………..idot

What the fuck, yo. Now, I’m not gonna tell y’all this fool left the comment on the aforementioned “Why I Am Photophobic” tab. *snicker* Anyhow, let’s break this down for a second. A dislike is not a fear. In order for it to be a phobia, it has to be a fear. Ergo, you, dear Human (I don’t make the trolls, I just ridicule them, folks) may not know much more about it than I do.

Actually, in my previous post, I told you EXACTLY what it was, and I even pasted the definition for your convienience. Thanks for not reading.

Oh, and if you’re gonna insult me? I’ll thank you to take the time to spell it correctly. “Idiot” has two i’s, motherfucker. Do please get it right or stay the hell away.

Now, typically, I wouldn’t entertain comments this stupid (because, SERIOUSLY, 5 minutes of reading could have kept this from happening), but I have some developments and such going on tomorrow (good ones!), and I needed to release some anxiety.

I feel better. Was it good for you? Cause it was lovely for me.

3 Responses to “My Troll Cherry Has Been Popped”

  1. January 23, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    You totally pointed out the definition clearly in the previous post.

    Blind AND illiterate.

    Great post lol 😉

  2. January 23, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    Oh yeah, it was good indeed. It’s funny, but I knew photophobia is a fear of light, but when I saw the title of your blog, I assumed you meant fear of being photographed (could it be that I used to hate having my picture taken, so I would naturally think that?).

  3. January 23, 2008 at 10:57 pm

    Heh. At first, I thought everyone would get the reference. Then, when I saw the searches, I’d figured it was more to it…then bam. I learned.

    I just thought I was being cheeky, at first, as I have a penchant for making up words. 🙂

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