Well. It’s Come To This.

I’ve had folks tell me that the best way to get fat folks to lose weight is to ban them from restaurants.

Well. Congratulations, Mississippi! You have been the first state to lose its fucking mind!

You know, I was gonna write a whole rant about this. I had it planned in my head. But seriously? The stupidity of this law…I think my brain is about 5 minutes from going all asplodey. Seriously. And um, y’all legislators do realize that quite a few fat folks come to Mississippi to, well, eat, right? As a southerner (and I lived in Mississippi for a time), I know that some of the best cuisine comes from the Delta. So, you’re willing to a) fuck up people’s livelihoods and b) fuck up the tourism industry just because y’all want to make a statement about obesity?

Yeah. That’s it. This just might be the STUPIDEST fuckin’ thing a state has done. It’s like Jim Crow all over again. Unbelievable.

So, if y’all wanna get your protest on (and you KNOW these folks are getting an eloquent angry letter from me), here’s some contact info, via JoGeek.

If there are folks there in Mississippi that are not registered, y’all please go and make that happen. Tomorrow. Because there’s no telling what else will be proposed in other states. Make swift work of this, and go forth and snuff out this scourge.*

*And when I say snuff, people? That’s a synonym for “stop”. I am NOT, under any circumstances, advocating violence of any kind. Trust me, a legal action (voting against this, protesting, writing eloquent angry letters) gets one much farther than acting like a brute.


2 Responses to “Well. It’s Come To This.”

  1. February 1, 2008 at 8:23 am

    I sure hope this does not pass. It would be the beginning of the end.

  2. February 2, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    what is also unbelieveable is what the USDA wants to do to those who own one or more farm animal, be it horse, cow, chicken, pig, sheep etc etc
    The USDA is running roughshod over those who own animals and want to raise them naturally.
    While the USDA is giving corporate ag and factory farming all sorts of breaks, the rest of us who own even one chicken, even as pets, willl have to register our premises with the govt, microchip and file reports on all births, deaths and off property movements within 24 hrs or face huge fines. If disease is suspected the USDA can come in and depopulate a 6 mile radius (140 sq mi.) Reason- so big ag can tell the global market what a safe food supply we have and sell to japan…goofy, i know but it gets worse…see nonais.org for more info on how nais will affect all who eat!

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