Saturday Swag: I Got Some New Threads, Y’all!

Alright. Let’s lighten up the mood around here. I wanna show y’all what I got from Old Navy and Target!

Yeah. I have an attitude with Old Navy taking their plus-size line out of the stores. As their stuff fits differently on me than say, Lane Bryant or Ashley Stewart, I usually need to try their things on before purchasing. As that’s no longer possible, I have to make a reasonable guesstimate using my measurements and the size chart. The good thing is that if I need to return or exchange anything, the shipping is free. If I just need to exchange, I can call Old Navy, and they’ll send a new size immediately. Then all I have to worry about is sending the too large/small merchandise back. Perfect? No, but I do give them kudos for at least making the process slightly better.

Although if they put the line back in the stores, that’d be even better. But I digress.

So, I had a free shipping code email earlier this week (code: SHIP4FREE), so I figured I’d scoop some pretty warm weather stuff, since I have friends I need to visit (IntellectualFeminist and BuddingStarlet, I’m talkin’ to y’all!) So, here’s what I got:









Knotted Halter Dress 

This glorious little sundress is super comfortable, soft, and pretty. It has a very flowy feel to it, and is easily dressed up with heels or down with cute flats. Now for the sizing: I got a 3x to try and accommodate my hips and bum, but that actually wasn’t needed. The halter back (elasticised for comfort) is way too loose, so I’ll have to scale back to a 2x, and my bum o’ doom will be perfectly fine in it. Length: I’m about 5’7, and it hit about an inch or 2 below my knee. It’ll probably be a complete inch shorter when I get the 2x, so the length is perfect for me.









Graphic Halter Tanks 

Now, this halter is made of the same fabric as the dress, I think. It is also quite comfortable and flattering. When you put the top on, it’s gonna be a bit fitted (much like the pic up there), but it isn’t so tight as to bind. Now, I picked mine up in a 3x, anticipating the fitted form, but it too is way too big on me. The 2x will fit fine, and it won’t be restricting (even though I can tell its fitted in the larger size, there’s plenty of wiggle room.)









Low-Rise Twill Bermudas

Now, I usually hate anything called a short, because my bum alters the fit. As my waist is considerably smaller than my hips, I have to fit the shorts to my hips and wear a belt, unless the material is stretchy. (Have I ever told y’all I want to smooch the folks responsible for Lycra and Spandex? Cause that stuff rawks, yo.) So, even though I usualy wear a 24, I bought these in a 26. Now, there’s about 2% spandex in these, but the hips would have been tighter than I like. And these fit hips and bum perfectly…and the waist is loose. No matter, I have a wide collection of belts to pair up with them. And they’re so cute and comfy!

All in all, even though my sizing was off, it’s a pretty good haul. Now, on to the cute little Target skirt I got:








Merona Novelty Print Skirt–Aqua

Nope, those aren’t my legs up there. But she is wearing my skirt! 🙂 Now, I didn’t pay the price listed online for this skirt ($19.99). I paid 14.99 in the store (it’s on clearance). I also had to get this one in a 26 for the hips, and it fits perfectly (there’s no stretch in this material at all. It’s all cotton.) But the length is perfect (grazes my knees) and it’s comfy and cute all at once. And I live for comfy and cute.

Shopping is full of win, especially at relatively good prices. Now, since I celebrate my 23rd birthday next Wednesday, and payday is Friday, I’ll probably be doing another one of these posts very soon. It’ll probably be shoes and smell-good stuff.

Did any of y’all get something fabulous you want to tell us about? Come on, go ahead and brag! (Linkies are welcome..if the spamtrap thinks it a delicious snack, I’ll fish it out.) And it’s not restricted to clothes. Did you get a new book, or your lil’ munchkin brought you a flower from the yard? Let us know!

And y’all have a great weekend!


9 Responses to “Saturday Swag: I Got Some New Threads, Y’all!”

  1. 1 Piffle
    April 26, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    I bought a rosemary plant today, and last weekend I got two new double primroses. One is pink and cream together, the other has pink and yellow on the same petals. I collect what I can find in double primroses, so it was fun to get a couple new types.

    I may also get this rose on Monday, as the nice nursery people said they had a few in stock, though they don’t have it in their online catalog: http://helpmefind.com/rose/pics.php?l=2.2398&nr=15040 . A pretty thing, an old-fashioned alba type rose that only blooms once a year, but is disease-free and grows in part shade. This is another rose I lust after, but they don’t have any, there just aren’t any that I can find in this country: http://helpmefind.com/rose/pics.php?l=2.22447&nr=-43614 . Same family, from the same breeder. It doesn’t look quite real in some of the photos I think.

  2. April 26, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    Wow. Those flowers are gorgeous, Piffle. If I ever lose my mind and get married, I want the wedding in a garden. I want to be surrounded by frothy blooms.

    And rosemary is awesome, especially in freshly baked bread.

  3. 3 Sara
    April 26, 2008 at 10:16 pm

    I bought that skirt at Target last week! Did you notice the POCKETS?! Because IT HAS POCKETS!!!!!! (I was very excited when I discovered them.)

  4. April 26, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    There’s a funky little boutique in my town that never seemed to be open when I passed…until last week when I happened past it on my way to the bank with my paycheck. What’s more, they were having a big sale. I got the world’s cutest little ruby red velvet jacket with slightly puffed sleeves for just fifteen bucks! There was precisely one in the store, it was my size, and it looks amazing with my ice blue crushed velvet skirt. I also got a fabulous white linen wraparound shirt for twenty dollars. I’m wearing it right now with my favorite jeans and feeling stylish beyond expression.

    I do love a good sale.

    Oh, and I didn’t buy it but a friend of mine just got the complete series of a show called Slings and Arrows with bells and whistles and lots of spiffy extras, so I get her old boxed sets of the individual seasons. Yay! for lots of Paul Gross being manic and passionate about Shakespeare! This is one of the funniest, deepest, and most fabulous shows ever made and I can’t wait to have all three seasons in my hot little hands and mine, all mine!

  5. April 26, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    Aww, Sara, I wish I could say I was excited about the pocket discovery. What happened was, I put the skirt on and looked in the mirror. Then I go…why in the devil are there POINTY CLOTH PIECES on my hips!?

    And then I realized they were pockets. 😆 I did get excited later when I needed a place to shove my phone and I had a handy pocket avaliable.

    Yay for feeling chic and stylish. I put your outfit together in my head, Twistie, and I got a little envious: you’re gonna look hot! And double-yay for Shakespeare (I love him in any capacity) and new DVD box sets!

  6. 6 catherineneal2006
    May 4, 2008 at 10:06 am

    Very cute stuff fashionablenerd. I do have to say that I’m green with envy. I can’t find anything that is cute in a 7X. Do you have a clue where I can find such things.

  7. May 4, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    Hm. Well, Catherine, I can’t think of any place right off the top of my head. But here’s what I will do. I’ll do some research and see what I can find in your size, and I’ll make a post for anyone else who may be looking for clothes in a 7x. Are there any particular pieces you’d like? Dresses and such? Let me know, and I’ll look for it. The post should be up by Tuesday.

  8. July 4, 2009 at 2:20 am

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