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Fashion Request

Commenter Catherine had a question for me in light of my swag post:

Very cute stuff fashionablenerd. I do have to say that I’m green with envy. I can’t find anything that is cute in a 7X. Do you have a clue where I can find such things.

 I found some things, but I want more. I also ran into the same problem Catherine did: the swag just ain’t cute. And I have a problem with that. But more on that in the upcoming post. I feel like there’s some sites I’ve missed. I’d like to know how y’all stay so fashionable. Where do you shop? Regional shops are more than welcome (leave me the linkies in comments or just email them to me), and I will include it in the post. It’s a monster of a post already, so it may be stretched out to two posts over the weekend. I’d originally promised this post for today, but I wanted everyone’s input so that it could be the most help to those searching for cute clothing in a wider range of sizes. I’d also like some help with those on the smaller end: I notice some inbetweenies have a rough time as well.

Go forth, shop, and come let us all know about it.

The fashion posts are to come Friday and Saturday! Thanks so much in advance!


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