Fashion Request

Commenter Catherine had a question for me in light of my swag post:

Very cute stuff fashionablenerd. I do have to say that I’m green with envy. I can’t find anything that is cute in a 7X. Do you have a clue where I can find such things.

 I found some things, but I want more. I also ran into the same problem Catherine did: the swag just ain’t cute. And I have a problem with that. But more on that in the upcoming post. I feel like there’s some sites I’ve missed. I’d like to know how y’all stay so fashionable. Where do you shop? Regional shops are more than welcome (leave me the linkies in comments or just email them to me), and I will include it in the post. It’s a monster of a post already, so it may be stretched out to two posts over the weekend. I’d originally promised this post for today, but I wanted everyone’s input so that it could be the most help to those searching for cute clothing in a wider range of sizes. I’d also like some help with those on the smaller end: I notice some inbetweenies have a rough time as well.

Go forth, shop, and come let us all know about it.

The fashion posts are to come Friday and Saturday! Thanks so much in advance!



3 Responses to “Fashion Request”

  1. 1 MayDarling
    May 7, 2008 at 12:07 am

    I posted this one on a different blog a week ago, but it was appropriate to here as well.

    As an InBetweenie at the larger end of the range, I know well what the deal is. Say, I can go into H&M and pick up a skirt, maybe a dress. But my (very strong) shoulders and boobs won’t fit a top or a jacket. Having recently put on a pair of pants that hadn’t seen the light of day in 4 years, I got so many accolades. You know the kind: “omg! Your clothes are falling off you! You look great! Keep up the good work!” etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. So if I look “great” when work-stress and life-stress is making my gear fall off, I must be hideous when I’m fat and happy. And yeah. I’d be lying if I said that the “compliments” didn’t give me a little glow. Still. Fairly insulting. Also being petite (5′ 1.5″), why, oh WHY can’t I find ONE DRESS that doesn’t fall to my ankles when it’s supposed to be above the knee?! But that’s another rant for another time.

    Now back to the reason I decided to comment in the first place: hot clothes for fat chicks.

    Dorothy Perkins. http://www.dorothyperkins.com
    Their stuff goes up to a 22(UK) which is roughly an 18/20 (US). Depending on how it’s cut, I vary between a 22/20. I got a really cute ruffled skirt the summer those Jersey girl ruffled skirts were in. Paired with a little red and white football tee, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the hottest thing going. Plus, I’ve bought two wonderful wool coats from there for winter. I’ve worn them both into the ground because the ARMS ARE GRADED UP ALONG WITH THE OTHER MEASUREMENTS! Therefore, I can wear them, fat arms and all with SWEATERS underneath! HALLELUJAH!
    Another plus, they have figured out that you don’t necessarily need to grade up length when you’re grading for width. So stuff that’s short stays short. I’ve also gotten sweet-ass dresses and tops that look great.

    I’ve gotten cute boots from Evans. My fav. pair are brown with stacked wooden wedge heels. I’ve also shopped Nordstrom, DSW, etc. My feet are little, wide, hobbit feet, so I have issues finding shoes that are wide enough. Fortunately, I like to shop so I have the patience to try on stuff a lot.

    One word of advice about shoes/boots: If you have the money or the fearless use of a credit card, go with an Italian brand. Italian brands tend to use a larger last when cobbling. It’s because Italian women, as study Mediterranean women tend to have curvier calves/wider feet, ie. Monica Bellucci, Nigella Lawson, my friend Sylvia. I’ve gotten two cute pairs of Dolce & Gabbana stilettoes that don’t pinch because of the wider last the shoes were built from.

    B&Lu. http://www.bandlu.com : cute stuff, not a lot of money. Got a lot of stuff from them.

    If you have the opportunity to visit or if you live in London, check out the market scene. I’ve gotten TONS of really cute stuff from the stalls at the Petticoat Lane market on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Examples: cute lavender tweed coat, two wool handkerchief bottom skirts, another ruffled mini (HOT PINK!), shoes, boots, white button down shirt, wool pants, cute tees.

    For those of you in NYC or LA (or just a place that has a big fashion industry), SAMPLE SALES. Manufacturers (I am in the fashion industry) who do true “missy” sizes, usually run up to a size 18 (trust me). Very often they will ask for a size run in a particular style to see if the garments have been graded correctly and if the sizes run smoothly from one end of the spectrum to the other. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. More often than not, samples will run big, so that 18 may fit more like a 20 or even a 22. If you can brave the communal dressing room, they’re worth a shot. I tried on a lovely trench by Dolce & Gabbana that was a size 48 (somewhere around a 16).

    If you are like me and have a penchant for high-end labels, don’t be afraid to ask for a size 48 or 50. The designers make them – there’s a lot of rich fat women in the world and they have the money to spend. One fat friendly high-end label is Missoni. I’ve gotten two skirts and a sweater from them. The knit is lovely and stretchy and looks great on my size 16/18 butt. Chanel also makes things up to size 50, as does Armani. Lauren Ralph Lauren has a dedicated women’s line. Marina Rinaldi does great (if slightly conservative) things and they’re the plus sized arm of Max Mara. Lafayette 148 does women’s plus, too – cute, Connecticut-y things that your mom would die to see you in.

    Paige Premium Denim is now doing plus sizes. But then comes the whole “I have to shorten them” problem if you’re short.

    I think that’s my whole fashion round-up. I feel better. Toodles!

  2. 2 Becky
    May 7, 2008 at 9:24 am

    As an inbetweenie, I like Reitman’s. All their straight size clothes go up to a 15/16, even the petites (and the talls). I don’t fit into all their size 15 stuff, but I fit into a lot of it. They also have plus sizes (including petites) but their selection is awful, so I would only recommend it to inbetweenies. I’ve also been shopping at Walmart – I know, I know, it’s evil, but for an inbetweenie it’s so useful to be able to grab something in a XL, and then walk across the aisle and grab the same thing in a 1X, and try them both on.

    As far as plus size clothes, I like Igigi and Kiyonna. Very pricy, but I shop the sale/clearance sections. They both go up to a 5X, but unfortunately not a 7X.

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