Fashion At Every Size (Part 1)

Commenter Catherine came by and told me how much she dug my swag I picked up at Old Navy. She then wondered where she could find cute clothes in size 7x.

So, I decided to dig into my linkies library and see what I could find for her. I came up with some stuff, yet I wish there were much more. So before I get to the clothes, locations, and linkies galore, let me issue a statement to the powers that be of fashion:


Seriously, people. It shouldn’t take (what, two or three?) days of digging to find something that is cute and that fits. We do NOT want to wear fucking bedsheets. We want to wear jeans that fit and hug, shirts that accomodate our arms (this is a big one for me) and dresses that don’t resemble tents because they’re shapeless. Also: everyone just doesn’t like the trapeze dress like I do. Give us more to work with! It seems to me that if I am a consumer, you folks in charge need to cater to myself and all other folks of all sizes! Stop marginalizing us into the giant print/muumuu brigade, damn it! And what makes me sad is that Catherine had to put a qualifier onto her request: CUTE clothes in a 7x. And despite my best efforts, I can’t say I found much that was of my taste (but then, age differences and preference may play a major part here; if you love it, buy it!), but it was the best I found.

Ok. End rant. Whew. I feel better. Now, on to the linky love. The stores I’m going to mention in this post all came from this fabulous fashion directory I believe I found over at The Pretty Pear. It’s called Pasazz, and it is MADE OF AWESOME. The blogmistress has the clothes separated into sections ranging from casual wear to accessories, and also has a heads up on sales for various plus size retailers. So, I’ll pick out a few pieces with a good range of sizes, and with the Pasazz linky above, hopefully Catherine (and everyone else) will be able to find things that fit and flatter. I’ll include as wide a range of sizes as possible.

Now, I refuse to recommend anything that I wouldn’t wear myself. So, Catherine, even though this post is a long time coming, I did find a site that had a couple of pieces that go into your size range and look good as well. I found one site that had pieces I’d wear as well, and if you want the sites I didn’t mention (cause I found more) go to the Pasazz linky up there and shop away!

 From Rosalee Womansize Apparel:

This dress is called the Matte Lantern Jersey Sleeve Dress. While I loathe most shapeless dresses outside of trapeze, I do enjoy a flowy, comfy and chic dress like this one. I love an accessory, so I’d cinch the waist with a belt, or have on cute funky earrings or a chunky necklace. Adorable for a night out or even work. It’ll run you $89.99-98.99, depending on sizing.






 Now, this dress is called Animal Instinct (this company designs it’s own clothes. A good wrap dress can flatter any woman’s cleavage and midsection. For those who are like: “yeah, right, not MY cleavage!” it totally can. And if you like more modesty with your wrap, slip a cami underneath. This will run you $109.99. For both dresses, the lengths can be adjusted; specify when ordering.

Now, this site also has pants and outerwear. Just pick and choose whatever tickles your fancy. I hope this helps a bit, Catherine, and that you’ll find something on this site you love. I’m sorry I couldn’t find more for you, but if I do, I’ll totally write a post!

I’ve also seen some inbetweenies that have a hard time finding clothes that look good on them, so via the comments on my aforelinked Fashion Request thread, I’d like to highlight some stores that y’all might be interested in.

Commenter MayDarling suggested B & Lu for those who want cute clothes at great prices. I second that. For example, this:








Is absolutely HOT. I’m sad that the skirt isn’t in my size, and the top isn’t avaliable (weep, tear, sniffle). The Pacey skirt is $34, and it comes in silver or black.

MayDarling also recommends Dorothy Perkins. I’d never heard of this store, but that makes sense, as it’s across the pond in the UK. But, good news! They ship here, and I love the look of these linen pants:

Wide-legged. Just perfect. They’re 15 pounds (I have no idea how much that runs in American currency), but I’m thinking that’s pretty darn affordable. And adorable to boot!







MayDarling has another valuable piece of advice:

For those of you in NYC or LA (or just a place that has a big fashion industry), SAMPLE SALES. Manufacturers (I am in the fashion industry) who do true “missy” sizes, usually run up to a size 18 (trust me). Very often they will ask for a size run in a particular style to see if the garments have been graded correctly and if the sizes run smoothly from one end of the spectrum to the other. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. More often than not, samples will run big, so that 18 may fit more like a 20 or even a 22. If you can brave the communal dressing room, they’re worth a shot. I tried on a lovely trench by Dolce & Gabbana that was a size 48 (somewhere around a 16).

 It’s worth looking into!

Commenter Becky likes Reitmans. I believe this is a Canadian store, and it doesn’t look like there’s online purchasing (tear, weep, sniffle). But, if you’re in Canada, I really love this look. I would have pasted it for y’all, but the picture wasn’t big enough. Hopefully, the link takes you to a cardigan/cami/capri look.

And I’m pretty sure y’all are familiar with Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Catherine’s, Size Appeal, SWAK Designs, and Belle Avenue, right? Right? 

No? Well, click away, y’all, and grab yourselves some gorgeous swag! Tomorrow comes part two, where I focus on shoes to fit everyone’s feet and pretty undergarments. If any of you have favorite shoe places, underwear shops, or a favorite clothing store I didn’t mention, then leave them in the comments! Linkies are welcome, and I’ll fish your comments out of moderation as needed.



16 Responses to “Fashion At Every Size (Part 1)”

  1. 1 voluptuousrobot
    May 9, 2008 at 11:18 pm

    Ooooh,here’s a few more!

    http://www.loveyourpeaches.com — the KEE-YOU-TIST dresses and jackets ever!

    http://www.peglutz.com — pricey, but GORGEOUS. Worth the splurge.

    http://www.zaftique.com — style-y stuff, lots of new pieces all the time.

    Happy shopping!

  2. 2 Michele
    May 10, 2008 at 12:17 am

    Have you heard of Torrid? Clothes targeted at young women starting at size 14.

  3. 3 Froth
    May 10, 2008 at 6:21 am

    Re Dorothy Perkins: £15 = about $30 at the moment.

  4. May 10, 2008 at 8:47 am

    Voluptuousrobot: I’ve never heard of Love Your Peaches. I do, however, love the name! I’ll have to really give it a look-see when I get back home from work.

    Michele: Now see, I KNEW I’d forget someplace. That’s the problem when you shop at so many different places. I absolutely love Torrid. As a matter of fact, I just ordered a black sweater dress for $19.99, and a pair of jeweled black flats for $9.99. I’ll have to tell y’all all about it when my shipment gets here.

    Froth: Thanks for the conversion. Somehow I was thinking that 15 pounds= $15. Gotta love my lack of math skills and American inflation!

  5. 5 Laura
    May 11, 2008 at 6:22 am

    I’m not sure the exact span of their sizes, but I’ve had pretty good luck at Cato (http://www.catofashions.com/). I like them because they devote about half of each store to larger sizes, most of which are identical to the smaller size styles. They’re also very easy on my grad student budget. Unfortunately, their stores are somewhat sporadically located and they don’t sell online, so access to their products is heavily location-dependent.

  6. 6 Jeanette
    May 11, 2008 at 11:24 am

    Just so you know, Torrid is now partnering with MTV to do casting calls for a new “boot camp” style weight loss reality show. So they’re about as far from fat-positive as a store that sells to fat girls can be.

  7. May 11, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    http://www.igigi.com has nice things, too; and they are high-quality. They carry beautiful evening and cocktail gowns,as well as some great things for professional situations.

  8. 8 Ydnic
    May 11, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    I have been buying clothes from Making It Big for more than 15 years. They have quality clothes that are mostly natural fiber. I know very little about fashion, so I can’t judge their offerings in terms of trendiness. But I like a lot of their clothes.

    Some of their clothes go up to 8X (their size L), and most are available in size K (7X).

  9. May 11, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    Wow, Jeanette, seriously? I’ve been pretty out of the loop with my pop culture as of late, so this is really disappointing to me. It actually brings to mind a convo IntellectualFeminist and I had about a MADE episode she’d seen once (and I had too) about the Torrid model search and the young woman who wanted to be made into a plus sized model.

    She had to lose weight to do it. 🙄 IntellectualFeminist told me how pissed she was at the situation thusly (and I’m paraphrasing here): “I think you’ve spoiled me. I know that fat women can indeed be sexy. So why won’t they let actual fat women model clothes designed FOR fat women?”

    I had to admit I had no answer to it.

    Thanks Ydnic! I’m sure your link will be a big help.

    And as an addendum: the shoes and undergarments post is coming. But job number two has been working me to death as of late, so it may not be until tomorrow that I get a chance to put it up. But fret not: it’s coming! And if y’all have favorite places, the thread is still open to put them in, and I’ll mention them in the post!

  10. 10 intellectualfeminist
    May 12, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    I just want to say that the whole torrid boot camp thing disgusts me. I did a little research and it appears that they have sent a mass email for the casting. What a terrible thing to do to the loyal clients that have supported you. Telling these lovely women to lose weight undermines the very reason they come to shop in the first place. But, I digress. What a wonderful post this is! I don’t care one bit about fashion but this post and all the comments make me feel so informed and better able to stick to the man (that is, the narrow minded fashion industry). I want to do my part to support these great designers and companies. I want them to be successful in providing beautiful clothes that reflect the variety of body shapes that exist in America, and abroad.

  11. 11 Michele
    May 13, 2008 at 7:52 am

    I’m always amazed that a woman who wears a size 14 (or even a 12) is considered “plus size model”. I remember a soap star in the 80’s who was considered “fat” because she wore a 12. The entertainment industry is so crazy when it comes to weight.

  12. 12 MayDarling
    May 17, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    Thanks for mentioning my comments! Sends a thrill through my heart.

    More on the fashion roundup.

    Re: Torrid and their shameless selling out.
    The last thing I bought from there was a cute top but apparently someone didn’t do any quality control because when I opened the package there was a big old hole in the side seam! Only because I sew and the hole was easy to fix was that top not an immediate disqualification. I’ve been fairly unhappy with Torrid lately because their clothes used to be cute. Now they’re heading down the slippery slope to trashy. I don’t think I’ll be shopping there anymore…which makes me sad because I get all of my cute tees from there. 😦 Oh well. There’s always Alloy.

    Now that I’ve finished denouncing the Evil Empire of Fat Haters, on to the fun stuff.

    Another UK shop that sells cute stuff (recently got a mention in either InStyle or Glamour) is Evans. http://www.evans.co.uk . Apparently Queen Latifah is a fan. I’ve gotten cute boots from there and they’ve lasted through two winters. They also ship overseas.

    For larger calf boots there’s Duo Boots and Buckles & Bows. I’ve gotten a pair of black leather pointy toe boots from Buckles and Bows. It’s a little too springy to wear them but I can’t wait until fall comes again.

    And even though Old Navy sold out and put their plus line solely online, they still have some cute stuff. I must admit to double dipping with Old Navy, though. I can wear their XXL and 18/20/22 that’s still in the stores but other things I have to order online. I’m wearing a cute top from ON right now.

    Nordstrom has an absolutely kickin’ plus department. One thing I’ve discovered is that every Nordstrom varies from location to location. For example, the Nordstroms in Chicago and in Houston are fab. The one in Paramaus (easiest one to get to from Manhattan) absolutely sucks. And bonus, if the clothes don’t suck you in, the shoe department will. TRUST ME.

    On the flip side of that is Nordstrom Rack, their outlet. I tend to wear mens’ jeans since they work for my body type (booty, no hips) and I scored 2 pairs of True Religion jeans for $200. Being that True Religions retail for $175 a pair (and up!), this was a deal.

    Neiman Marcus’s Last Call Clearance Centers are also treasure troves of delicious things. I got Dolce and Gabbana stilettos for $175, marked down from $500. The downside of that is that they are only located in certain states. But what better excuse to take a road trip than shopping?

    I also love Ashley Stewart. I haven’t been in one since I moved to NYC, but I must make a trek because I’ve gotten all manner of aweseome things and they go up to a 5x (or is it 6x?). I can never remember. But I buy all of my work pants from there and for a long time I was devoted to their jeans. I have a pair on now.

    I think that’s all. But don’t be afraid to go into so-called regular stores. You might pleasantly surprised at what they have.

  13. May 17, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    Ashley Stewart goes up to a 5X? Since when?! I stopped in at a store in Philly, but was utterly disappointed when I discovered they no longer carried the 28s their signage advertised. No, they had pretty much scaled back to 24s as their max. The staff person I asked about it said the whole chain was downsizing. Is their online store different?

  14. May 17, 2008 at 10:54 pm

    Wow. I wasn’t aware that Ashley Stewart went up to a 5x. As far as the avaliability of size 28s, it probably has to do with the idea that AS is a boutique. Some stores will have it, and others won’t. We have a couple of AS here, and only one carries size 12 bottoms and such. Fairly recently, AS has a new online shop open; perhaps you can find something there (as we speak I’m persusing the offerings). No 28s yet, but since it just opened, they may add on in the future if the demand is high.

  15. 15 MayDarling
    May 27, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    I’ve only shopped in AS in Chicago, and they definitely went up to super-sizing. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in there – perhaps they’ve changed. Another resource for 5x and I think above is Simply Fashion. I haven’t shopped there in years (since high school) but I do know that they do go above a 28. Their only problem is that they aren’t located everywhere but you can find out where they are by searching their website.

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