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Fashion At Every Size (Part 2)

Alright. While I’m still not 100% as far as energy is concerned, I believe I’ve put this post off long enough. This post won’t be full of images, as WordPress is acting wonky today. So, IntellectualFeminist emailed me and asked for pretty undergarments. She’s a pear, and she told me she has a hard time finding panties that fit properly. This wasn’t much of a challenge for me, as I’ve been in love with panties and such since I was potty-trained. So, here’s a few of my favorite spots to get pretty underthings (bras, panties, teddies, and the like).

Now, I found this place by accident. I saw a Tyra Banks episode about the Next Top Plus Sized Model or something. It’s called Hips and Curves, and let me just tell y’all…I LOVE IT. I’d copy and paste some pictures for y’all, but all of their images are copyrighted. So let me tell you, this ensemble of rhumba panty and tank (the “Love My Hips and Curves” tank is getting bought this weekend) is so well, to borrow the oft-used word on Top Model, fierce! Their prices are pretty good, and their sizing is diverse. Their bras go up to a JJ cup (band size I saw up to a 48, but I didn’t check every bra), and other sleepwear goes up to a 6x.

IntellectualFeminist sent me a linky to Lingerie Diva. I found some things I liked on there as well, especially this cute teddy. The sizing all depends on the brand of lingerie you like, so the sizing depends on that.

I’d like to pause here to issue another complaint with the powers that be of fashion. Is there any particular reason why y’all can’t put models of EVERY size on y’alls sites? I mean, as much as I love that adorable babydoll set that Cacique has, my belly is much bigger than that of the gorgeous model on y’alls site. How am I to know what the set will look like on me? I’m just sayin’. Diversity, in both size AND race, would become the fashion industry.

Also, check out Bravissimo, Sheer and Sultry, Always For Me (bonus: they have swimwear and activewear too), and Lingerie at Large.

 Now, shoes may be my most favorite part of an outfit outside of the jewlery and undergarments. However with feet my size (size 10) and no arches, finding shoes that fit, are comfortable, and don’t break the bank are hard to come by. And I know some of my friends, who have bigger feet than me, have an even harder time finding shoes. So, I’ll give you a brief rundown of my favorite shoe shops.

Payless: yes, folks, I do indeed shop at the Payless. Even though it’s hard to find all the cute styles in my size in the store, they usually do have it online. You can even have the shoes you want shipped free to your local store. They do nothing for my archless feet, but if I need a cute pair of shoes (and I’ll know I’ll be sitting often), they always come through–especially if its Buy one Get One Free time.

Zappos: Now, this is a bit pricier, but they have a wider size range. I bought some loafers from them awhile back, and they worked quite well! Also: free shipping! Who doesn’t want that?

Shoes and Endless: Again, these are pretty pricey, but it’s where I go when I want to splurge on some pretty shoes. And they just about always have my size when I can’t find them in the stores. Also, they have free shipping and returns, so if any shoe you love doesn’t love your feet, you can easily send it back.

And finally, for those who want both comfort and function to come with their shoes, I suggest The Walking Company. I found this site (and they have stand-alone stores) while looking for shoes that wouldn’t leave my feet so achy after working job number 2. Now, few pairs of shoes on this site can be considered cheap. But if you have foot issues (anything from no arches to heel spurs), this is the site for you. As soon as I get my Hips and Curves Tank, I’ll be investing in a pair of good work shoes from The Walking Company.

Ok. That’s it from Fashion Central tonight. I’m off to find some water, tie my hair up, and my bed. As always, if there’s any lingerie, shoe, or general clothing site that I didn’t mention–and you want to tell us about it–feel free to leave it in the comments! Linkies are welcome, and I’ll fish you out of the spammer as needed.



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