Sunday Relaxation

Ok, this bit ‘o fluff was supposed to have been posted Friday. However, work called (this would be the part-time gig I have–primary job has ended) and they needed me. Now, since my body has gotten out of the habit of working every day, working three days in a row has my feet screaming at me in fifty-two languages. Seriously.

So, now that I’ve bought myself some ridiculously expensive work shoes from The Walking Company{Sidebar: Dang, y’all. My feet can’t take the combo of nice flat + Dr. Scholls Massaging Gel Insert not one more day. I keep saying it’s an investment, cause I NEVER pay that much for shoes}, I’m wondering what y’all do to unwind? Working retail is particularly grueling, I’ve learned (No clue how my mom does it every day–hell, I can barely manage part time three days a week!), and it feels really good to just come home, massage my feet with some soothing foot care products from The Body Shop, light some sandalwood incense, and put on some music.

Today’s CD comes from Amy Winehouse. I downloaded her first album, Frank, earlier this week from Rhapsody, and I have track 12, “Take The Box,” on repeat. That has to be the smoothest sounding break-up song I’ve heard in a while. {Sidebar the Second: Amy, please take care of yourself. You have AMAZING talent. Don’t throw it away on crack and booze. Seriously.} As I type this up, I’m slowly nodding my head to the music, sipping on a glass of ice water, and simultaneously browsing Epicurious. Oh, I’ve found dinner for this evening:









Photo credit goes to Romulo Yanes. That up there is Turkey Pot Pie with Cheddar Biscuit Crust. Yeah, it’s kinda warm for a pot pie, but I have a taste for it today.

So spill it! What do y’all do to relax? Usually, I’d read, but after work some days all I want is something brightly colored to run across my TV screen, so I usually put on whatever cartoon looks good. Oftentimes it’s Spongebob, other nights, it’s Family Guy. Sometimes it’s a meditation session. And sometimes, I just go to bed. Sleep is awesome, y’all.

Y’all enjoy the rest of the weekend!


4 Responses to “Sunday Relaxation”

  1. July 6, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    I have those shoes! I ADORE them. Seriously, they have been worth every penny — they’re cute enough to dress up or down, they’re insanely comfortable, and mine have lasted me almost two years of heavy wear so far. The only downside is they totally spoiled me for less comfy shoes!

  2. 2 nuckingfutz
    July 6, 2008 at 7:53 pm

    Relax? Huh? What’s that? 😉

    Not that it helps (I have a hard time REALLY relaxing, too stressed out most of the time), but I watch TV, movies (we have a HUGE movie collection), listen to music, read, surf the ‘net, and… I crochet. A lot, sometimes. I get into these grooves where I seem to do nothing BUT crochet. So much so that I even started a crochet blog a couple of years ago. Which I am now considering moving over to WordPress, because WP is SO much easier to use.

    Oh, and bubble baths. Scalding hot, with lots and lots and LOTS of bubbles. Pretty smelling ones. And soft music. And candlelight.

    And a hubby to make sure I don’t fall asleep in it. 😉

  3. July 6, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    When I worked retail I used to soak my feet in one of those heated vibrating foot bath thingies. I worked at a Borders with carpet glued directly over concrete, so I hear ya on the footsore business! My best friend and I worked there together, and we had a routine, for the first ten minutes of the drive home we could bitch about work, after that, no more work talk. Then drawing, reading, chatting. Oh, and smoke…a lot. We were the bronchitis getting champions back in the day!

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