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More Reasons to Hate Shopping

Yesterday, in an attempt to beef up my professional wardrobe, I went shopping. I normally take the extreme casual approach to business wear but working in a metro marker, I don’t know how much¬† longer I am going to be able to away with that.¬† I decided to quit cold turkey and find my own way of playing the corporate game.

As a so-called “in betweenie” I thought I would press the easy button and head to the mainstream store hoping that with enough patience and luck i would be able to find something in my size, not too tight, not a curtain, and not some god awful loud pattern. (Not that I have anything against loud patterns, but I’m more of a basic palette person)

Now, I already hate shopping but this was a really unpleasant experience. Finding my size was a scavenger hunt. I know this means nothing to the FA big picture and should be expected but it is still frustrating. Really, really frustrating. I saw so many 4s, 6s, 8s, and 10s I was almost tempted to take it as a sign and play the fucking lottery. Maybe it was some sort of retail prank show. But there was no Ashton Kutcher waiting at the register when I went to pay for my 2 shirts that took me forever to find so I guess not.

Of course, this was nothing new. What I didn’t exect however were the dirty looks I got from the ultra trendy staff. My non working alter ego is a raging hippie, so apparently my jeans and john lennon t shirt was not the uniform. They were looking at me like I didn’t belong there. No one offered to help me. I had to practically help myself into the dressing room.

After being looked up and down by the fitting room attendant, dressing and undressing were very awkward. That is something I normally do liberally and with pleasure. What a terrible feeling.

So, a day later, I am so angry that I let these douche bags really get to me. I don’t really like shopping (mostly because I am indifferent to fashion) but I have learned that finding my own unique way of adhering to the appropriate dress rules for every occasion can be creative and fun. But I just couldn’t manage to set my mind to it after encountering the same treatment in three different stores.

And then to make matters worse, I vented my frustrations on the phone to my mother who “shared” my opinion and voiced her own. She wishes that mainstream stores had more options for “today’s woman” as she says. I love my mother and I know she means well but what does “today’s woman” really mean. As far as I know, yesterday and the day before that the average woman was my freakin’ size. It makes more since to call it since the beginning of time woman! That would at least be somewhat accurate.

I don’t know what’s worse…the fact that only smaller women are permitted by society to shop in public or the fact that treating a person with dignity isn’t a universal rule. I suppose they are one in the same. It’s just so annoying.

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