Sales and a New Blog

I’ve been absent. I’m sorry. I’m working on that, really.


So, I’ve gotten some awesome emails pertaining to clothes. If you’re in need of some new threads, head over to B and Lu. They have stuff for up to 75% off. Same goes for SWAK Designs, who also has a 75% off summer clearance sale. I’ve been keeping my eye on this dress for months, waiting for it to go on sale, and of course I have no money this weekend because I’m being responsible and paying bills instead. Grr. Oh, and you’ll also get free shipping with code FREESHIP08 (it’s good until September 22, 2008).

Also, starting today and ending on the 21st, if you bring a friend into Old Navy and use the code word BFF, you get 20% off of your purchase. Shopping online? Don’t worry, the same code applies, and you get free shipping.

Now that the shopping tidbits are out of the way, I’d like to announce that I’ve started another blog. As the economy continues to swirl about the drain and the presidential campaigns heat up, I’d be ranting more about the foolishness in D.C. than about fat and fashion, so I started another site just for ranting about the…eh…tangled web that is US politics. Also: there’s bits of feminism tossed in there too, and as this blog does, we (I’ve got some co-bloggers) will be relating all of that to being Black in America. Head over to The Personal Is Political now to see the inaugural posting, and please feel free to offer up feedback, linkies, or general ideas to help make it better!

That’s all from this end. Y’all have a great weekend!

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