Good old Mr. Hyde was tucked away, hidden, within the confines of the kindly Dr. Jekyll, until a drug brought him out of darkness and into the light.

So it goes with me and my journey to self-acceptance, my journey to happiness and well-being in a world that counts so many strikes against me.

What brought out Ms. Hyde? The drug of enlightenment; that concept of Fat Acceptance has allowed me to shove the Dr. Jekyll aside. That Dr. Jekyll that tried her hardest to conform to what society and family expected her to look like, act, become, and feel. With my drug I bring Ms. Hyde out to play, and remain only under the cloak of anonymity to shield me.

But my words will not be stifled. Instead of Dr. Jekyll murdering the treacherous Ms. Hyde, I banish the conforming Dr. Jekyll to the abyss of self-doubt and loathing which threatened to murder us both at one time.

I emerge cleansed, but yet I still seek of the ambrosia that will not only unlock my goddess potential, but the god and goddess potential of others still struggling with that fight of good and evil body image.

Ms. Hyde seeks. Still. Come with me, and see if you can banish your Dr. Jekyll too.

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