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I’m Back!…Kinda.

Hi y’all! I’ve kinda fallen off the face of the earth as of late. But as usual, I have pretty good reason.

I moved.

And it wasn’t just a little move, either.

I used to live in Texas. I now reside in the Big Apple. Country’s come to town, y’all!

As for the adjustments…eh. It’s loud. But I manage to get some rest. I have a great job. My writing projects are coming along nicely. IntellectualFeminist, who just had a birthday,  is getting ready to graduate soon, I’ve had this blog for two years now, and in general, life is good.

Oh, and I have a boyfriend. That’s a post in the making. Stay tuned.

I’ve been away for some time, but FA is always on my mind. I’ve got some things working, brewing, and I’m hoping I’ll have the time to share them all with you. Of course, there will be some shopping posts, because Texas weather and NY weather isn’t the same weather (ok, it is right now because NY can’t decide whether to be cold, hot, or rainy.)

Y’all, I’ve gone through some changes, but all have been for the better. Stay tuned, ’cause I’m gonna get you all caught up.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!


Travel Swag!

Well, folks, on my long list of resolutions was to travel and see friends more often. So, I’ll be flying to the cold, snowy North next month to visit BuddingStarlet, and IntellectualFeminist will be there too!

Did I mention I haven’t seen IntellectualFeminist since I graduated in 2007? Yeah. About that.

Naturally, this was as good an excuse as any to go shopping.

Being a Southern girl, weather down here is…well, spaztastic at best. Last Tuesday, for example, it got so cold there was ice everywhere, schools closed, whole nine. Yesterday? It made it to 75 degrees. I was wearing flip flops and sitting on the front steps with a lemonade.

Texas weather is the best, y’all.

Anyhow, I’m going to New York next month, and to Florida in June, and well, I need clothes since I cleaned out my closet and all. So, I’m introducing y’all to my latest additions, and giving some reviews.

First up: SWAK Designs.

Lesley over at Fatshionista reviewed three dresses for them.  They contacted me and asked me to review some pieces for them as well. Some time ago I told y’all about a dress I wanted to pick up, but sadly, they no longer had my size. So I was stoked to be able to try out some of their clothes.

So Pretty!

So Pretty!

The Desi dress  is the same that Lesley reviewed, and seriously? That dress is made for summery vacations, y’all. I mean, I can’t say it much better than this:

Frankly, this dress makes me stare bleakly out at the frozen heaps of old snow outside my windows and wish I had a beach vacation coming up. It’s that kind of dress. The kind you want to wear stretched out in the sun with an alcohol-laden frozen drink in your hand.

I have the 3x in black and the fit is so great. Plenty of stretch in the arm–I have a hell of a time finding sleeves that fit my arms properly. I cannot wait for the weather to stabilize so I can wear it. June can’t get here fast enough!

Work comfort at its best.

Work comfort at its best.

The Gaucho pant was my responsible pick. I say responsible because these are intended for work. I say intended because they’re so comfortable I want to wear them everywhere. I work retail, so there is a lot of move box, open box, sit in dusty floor, restock, take out garbage, help customer…so on and so forth. When I purchase work clothes, they have to look nice enough for me to not look too bedraggled in front of customers, but be stretchy and comfy enough for me to move around quickly. These pants…are AMAZING. Now, I’ve told y’all before my waist is smaller than my hips, and so have to go up a size in order to accommodate them. I got a 3x, but I could have easily gotten a 2x and still have had a flattering fit (I kept the larger size because I prefer my work gear to be a bit loose.) The best thing? They dress up so easily with just a simple heel and a shirt change. I actually lounged in them yesterday while I watched the Super Bowl. (And no, I wasn’t at work first.) This is a great multi-purpose pant.

Now, I read about eShakti in the Fatosphere, but had never been to the site. One day, bored, I surfed on over there to see what they had, and OMG. OMG! I love dresses, and they have dresses as far and wide as the eye could see. So, after much contemplation, I ordered this dress:

Gorgeous, but they didn't have my size!

Gorgeous, but they didn't have my size!

This is the Climbing Rose Embroidered Dress (and now it comes in blue!); I  just fell in love with this. Unfortunately, they no longer had my size. The lovely people at eShakti promptly emailed me to let me know I couldn’t get that dress, and asked me to pick another I might like. If I couldn’t find anything, they would refund my money, no questions asked. Now, that’s some customer service I can believe in. After some deliberation, I ordered this dress instead:

This will be the go-to summer dress this year!

This will be the go-to summer dress this year!

This is the Embroidered Ruched Sundress (also available in a lighter blue). When I got this in the mail, I squealed with delight. Often, the colors on my computer are way more vibrant than the actual garment. Not so in this case. It is an amazing, vibrant royal blue with cerulean, dove grey, and white embroidery. I ordered a 3x, but with the stretchy (and non-pinchy) ruching on the top, I could have gone a size down and had plenty of room. I’m keeping it because it’ll give me a chance to wear a fabulous belt, , and I just don’t get to wear my belts often. I’ll definitely be buying from them again, because when a company makes me have to grab my Crayola box in order to properly label their colors, I know I’ve found a good thing (I’m SUCH a color junkie!)

Speaking of color, I’m now going to show y’all what I picked up for the NYC trip.

Even though it gets cold here in Texas, I usually don’t need a wool coat. Up yonder, however, I figure I might want a wool coat so as to not lose a nipple or other useful body part. I want to know why in the mauve hell wool coats (or a warm coat, really) cost so damn much. I went round and round and round trying to find a coat at a reasonable price. While this coat from Target isn’t as low as I’d wanted to go, the color won out:

Bright, Beautiful, and Warm (hopefully!)

Bright, Beautiful, and Warm (hopefully!)

I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet, so I can’t attest to fit and warmth, but I have my fingers crossed that it will work out. Otherwise…back to the drawing board, I guess.

Second purchase: Boots. Now, I’m aware I don’t have to buy boots solely for my one trip to NY. Heh. I’m actually buying boots because my other pair met with an unfortunate accident known as Cobalt the Weimaraner. He was a cute puppy, but shoes shuddered at the sight of him! Now, my not-practical purchase was this pair from Lane Bryant:

Just for dressy events, I promise!

Just for dressy events, I promise!

I ordered them in Cedar, and I’m still waiting on them to get here. But I’m sure they’ll work out ok, and will look fabulous with my dress I’ll be wearing to church.

On the more practical side, I’m considering getting this pair of boots from Woman Within:

I want the black pair.

I want the black pair.

I’m still thinking about it. But the more I do, the more I like them.

To round out this post, let’s talk about jewelry! I’ve often heard Etsy discussed around the ‘sphere, but hadn’t had the chance to really check it out. Friday (payday!) I took a look-see.

Love. It. I bought some adorable earrings! I got sundae (yep, as in the hot fudge kind) earrings from this seller (and I’m totally going back for the pink frosted donuts–unless y’all get there first, that is), and happy smiling tofu and happy smiling onigiri studs from this seller.

It’s been some good shopping around these parts, and I wanted to share it with y’all.

Any suggestions for other things I should get before my trip to the frosty North (I did get some sweaters from Old Navy)? Tips for not freezing? You love/hate my picks? Leave ’em in comments!


Sales and a New Blog

I’ve been absent. I’m sorry. I’m working on that, really.


So, I’ve gotten some awesome emails pertaining to clothes. If you’re in need of some new threads, head over to B and Lu. They have stuff for up to 75% off. Same goes for SWAK Designs, who also has a 75% off summer clearance sale. I’ve been keeping my eye on this dress for months, waiting for it to go on sale, and of course I have no money this weekend because I’m being responsible and paying bills instead. Grr. Oh, and you’ll also get free shipping with code FREESHIP08 (it’s good until September 22, 2008).

Also, starting today and ending on the 21st, if you bring a friend into Old Navy and use the code word BFF, you get 20% off of your purchase. Shopping online? Don’t worry, the same code applies, and you get free shipping.

Now that the shopping tidbits are out of the way, I’d like to announce that I’ve started another blog. As the economy continues to swirl about the drain and the presidential campaigns heat up, I’d be ranting more about the foolishness in D.C. than about fat and fashion, so I started another site just for ranting about the…eh…tangled web that is US politics. Also: there’s bits of feminism tossed in there too, and as this blog does, we (I’ve got some co-bloggers) will be relating all of that to being Black in America. Head over to The Personal Is Political now to see the inaugural posting, and please feel free to offer up feedback, linkies, or general ideas to help make it better!

That’s all from this end. Y’all have a great weekend!


Why I am a Feminist

Editor’s Note: As I have been revamping my blog, I have invited a good friend of mine to join me. You’ve seen me refer to her in previous posts under a different moniker. But before she was the FutureProfessor, she was the IntellectualFeminist. There will be an about tab soon just for her! And now…her first post…

I am ashamed to say that I have spent most of my life trying not to ruffle feathers. And so, for every person who has ever asked me why I am a feminist I have given a less than honest answer, crippled by unexplainable fear of confrontation.

As complicated as my journey to self acceptance has been, my reason for being a feminist is actually quite simple.

Truthfully, feminism is the armor I wear to face a society that feeds on my hatred of self and of my body. I wear this armor in preparation for a battle that I have yet to undertake, until now.

Why am I a feminist?

Because I have something to say and I am no longer afraid to say it. I am ready to engage in the war of words and ideas that is the way that women look at themselves and their bodies. That journey starts with me, but it doesn’t end there. Madeleine Albright says it best:

There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women

I realize that this fight is one that I cannot fight alone. And that is what brings me here. To fearlessly begin that trek to the battlefield and invite those who read this to take up arms.




I Saw Myself Today.

In the mirror, after my shower, I saw myself.

No different than any other day…except…

I saw beauty. Not ugly.

My skin, the color of caramel sauce, draped over a shoulder that’s uplifted many a friends head

And provides a cuddle-spot for my nephew when he hugs me

Is covered in stretchmarks, and scars from falls

But I wasn’t disgusted, for once.

My belly, with all its rolls and lines

Looks soft and warm…not deformed or horrid, as I once believed

Many a lover’s hand has spanned and rubbed this belly

Lips have kissed the heart-shaped scar on the left

While stroking the tender skin on the right.

My legs…shapely, strong. Limber. Powerful.

The rump that when carried on my fabulous legs

Is a work of art. Awe-inspiring in it’s roundness

Sexy in its sway

And devestating in a pair of jeans and high, high heels.

I saw myself today.

And this time, I smiled.

This was written while I was on my break at work today. Cappuchino does wonders for the creative juices, y’all!



Under Construction

I’m sure, if you’ve recently come by to visit, you’ve noticed that A) I haven’t written in a month and some change, and B) the name of my blog (and tagline) have changed. Yep. I’ve made some changes, all of which will be explained in time. Keep an eye on the “Why I am Photophobic” page. That’s gonna be changed soon so you can understand the new blog name, and wait on a post that will cover the new tagline.

For those of you who have me on your readers (thanks, by the way!), go ahead and put the new blog name in if you like. But don’t worry, the url is still the same (it’s why I placed the blog under my screenname as opposed to my blog name. Even the smallest of things in my life are changed on a whim!) So for those who check on me regularly, don’t worry. I should be back up, running, and posting regularly by Tuesday.

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