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Well. It’s Come To This.

I’ve had folks tell me that the best way to get fat folks to lose weight is to ban them from restaurants.

Well. Congratulations, Mississippi! You have been the first state to lose its fucking mind!

You know, I was gonna write a whole rant about this. I had it planned in my head. But seriously? The stupidity of this law…I think my brain is about 5 minutes from going all asplodey. Seriously. And um, y’all legislators do realize that quite a few fat folks come to Mississippi to, well, eat, right? As a southerner (and I lived in Mississippi for a time), I know that some of the best cuisine comes from the Delta. So, you’re willing to a) fuck up people’s livelihoods and b) fuck up the tourism industry just because y’all want to make a statement about obesity?

Yeah. That’s it. This just might be the STUPIDEST fuckin’ thing a state has done. It’s like Jim Crow all over again. Unbelievable.

So, if y’all wanna get your protest on (and you KNOW these folks are getting an eloquent angry letter from me), here’s some contact info, via JoGeek.

If there are folks there in Mississippi that are not registered, y’all please go and make that happen. Tomorrow. Because there’s no telling what else will be proposed in other states. Make swift work of this, and go forth and snuff out this scourge.*

*And when I say snuff, people? That’s a synonym for “stop”. I am NOT, under any circumstances, advocating violence of any kind. Trust me, a legal action (voting against this, protesting, writing eloquent angry letters) gets one much farther than acting like a brute.


Three Cheers for Rachel and Monique!

Addendum: If you haven’t gotten a chance to see the show, or forgot to DVR it, go here and take a peek. 

So, I just finished watching the Morning Show With Mike and Juliet segment with Rachel, Monique, random doctor A, and….MeMe Roth. Ugh.

There should totally be a rule that the person who speaks MeMe Roth’s name should take a shot of pure melted SALTED butter. Mmm. Butter. But I digress.

But on to the lovin’. Let me tell you, these two women were much calmer than I would have been in that situation. So, I listen to MR’s statistics. So…800 people a DAY die of fat? Cut to me with my mouth hanging open. I don’t remember reading that stat. Especially because the CDC only reports 30,000 folks a year dying of the fat. Now, I don’t do much by figurin’ and such, but 800 times 365 (or more, it’s a leap year) is a lot more than 30,000. I wonder where MR got her information from?

But that’s ok, cause Monique and Rachel handled it well. Especially when Rachel went into the tinkering of the bullshit that is the BMI. See, in 1998, they (and “they” refers to the powers that be that determine what healthy is, whomever that might be) lowered the “average” requirement so that millions of folks woke up the next morning with the “overweight” label glued to their foreheads.

But it isn’t even the technical stuff that had me flinging clean socks and expletives at my television. It was listening to MR spew foolishness like “If the title of the NY Times article had been ‘Thin is in, or At Least Accepted’, there would have been a public outcry!” or the wonderful “The Fat Acceptance movement has come to mean that ‘Fat is beautiful'” or the FUCKING RIDICULOUS “Fat is already accepted as the norm…”

Have mercy. I’m not sure where to start. Ok, yes I am. We’ll start at the beginning. As Vesta44 said in her critique (and I’ll add I got the stats above from her too–I told y’all, I don’t do much by figurin’ and such), there’s no need for a blatant statement of “Thin is In”. We see it every single day when reading magazines, watching television, web surfing….we are always bombarded by these images of overly thin, tanned, blazingly white-toothed individuals. In a day where the norm is considered unattainable, it feels good to have some folks to relate to. That’s all. And truth be told (and I know this has been discussed at length in other more prolific blogs than my own) thin people aren’t automatically excluded. Because the thin is in propaganda doesn’t just take its toll on fat folks. It takes its toll on skinny folks, in between folks, everybody. And MR has an issue with these folks coming together to rally against this norm that has been foisted upon us? Kiss my ass.

Now, as for the whole “Big is beautiful” component, yep, I’ll say it. BIG IS BEAUTIFUL. THIN IS BEAUTIFUL. A BELLY WITH DEFINED ABS TO A BELLY WITH ROLLS IS BEAUTIFUL. THIN THIGHS ARE GORGEOUS. THICK THIGHS ARE GORGEOUS. ANY SIZE BODY FROM SVELTE TO CUDDLY AND ROUND IS BEAUTIFUL. Get it now? What I rally against, as an FA supporter, is the ideal that beauty, acceptance, and health are all pigeonholed into the package of the thin, tanned, blonde haired and blue eyed woman. I mean, you can be a brunette or have brown eyes, but that means your body has to be THAT much more toned. What I fight for is a world where folks don’t qualify someone’s beauty or handsomeness to fit that glorified unattainable ideal. (She’s so pretty for a fat girl. He’s so handsome for a fat guy.) Again, if MR has an issue with that, she can kiss my ass.

Oh, and PLEASE leave that whole fat is already acceptable argument alone, dammit. If it were acceptable, folks wouldn’t have garbage thrown at them when they jog. Folks wouldn’t have to come up with responses to Fatty Drive-Bys. In fact, there would BE no fatty drive-bys at all if fat were acceptable. In fact, if it were ok to be at one with oneself, there would be no Extreme Makeover and such. So for the third time, MR can kiss my ASS.

Oh, and random doctor A? (I didn’t catch her name.) Alright. Why is she proposing a moratorium on white foods? I like potatoes, rice, bread, and the like. It tastes good. I also like brown rice and wheat bread. It also tastes good. I like to drink my calories sometimes, because juice is tasty. And if I want a soda (mmmm, cherry Coke) or Kool-Aid (mmmm, watermelon cherry), I’m gonna drink that too. Because it’s tasty. And as we all know, the quickest way to cause an obsession is to restrict one’s access to something. Even if it’s as asinine as a potato(barring those who have sensitivities to these foods, of course.)

As I’ve said, Rachel and Monique ROCKED today, especially up against MR and the doctor AND in such limited time. They did beautifully.

And I totally want their glasses. Cause they’re beautiful, too.


I’m Shocked! No, Not Really.

Wow. Ok, so via the good folks at Yahoo! News (and the wonderful Kate), I have now learned that my fat is a lifestyle choice.

Yep. I’ve deliberately decided to be fat. I mean, I rolled over one morning, admired my size 4 curves in the mirror and thought….nah. I should TOTALLY gorge myself on the baby donuts I hear about and sit on my ass everyday until I hit the sizes 20-24 range.

What the FUCK, yo. We’re not gonna go into the whole “simple formula” to losing weight thing (burning more calories than what one takes in=thin) foolishness right now. Cause based on that I really WOULD be a size 4. What I want to focus on is the societal ramifications of being fat.

So, what this supposed expert is telling me is that I want to be ridiculed? That I ENJOY my family bestowing the wonderful “you’d be so beautiful if you’d just lose 10/50/100 pounds” phrase on me? That I love men “complimenting” me on my size because that means “you know how to cook! we see you ain’t missed a meal, so your man won’t either!” I’m deliberately choosing to elicit stares when I order food at a restaurant or at a food court in a mall? Seriously, though?

Or, even better, I’m ASKING for my treatment, because the expert says it’s a lifestyle choice. And with these choices come consequences, right? Have mercy.

Ok, I’ll leave that soapbox alone for the time being. Let’s get into what this health economist had to say.

“Obesity is a natural extension of an advancing economy. As you become a First World economy and you get all these labor-saving devices and low-cost, easily accessible foods, people are going to eat more and exercise less,” health economist Eric Finkelstein told AFP.

Hm. America is becoming a First World economy. Ok, so how does Mr. Finkelstien gather we’ve become this booming economy? By working, right? Now, if the poorer folks weren’t doing all this doggone working so that the economy could be boosted–and I’m not talkin’ regular 9-5 type work, I’m talkin’ 12-18 hours a DAY–while the richer folks continue to make money without consideration to their poorer workers, there wouldn’t be a NEED for labor saving devices and low-cost, easily accessible foods. Quite a few folks can’t afford rent or electricity and have to choose between feeding their kids and keeping a roof over their heads. And it seems to me that if with this advancing economy folks STILL have to live like that, we ain’t becoming a damn thing except a fancy Third World country. We just have a government that cares enough about its own image to try and do some things to help. But Welfare and Medicaid/care can’t do but so much. So, I’m gonna leap of the economy soapbox and continue with the health ramifications we fat folk have pounded in our head on a daily basis.

Naturally, with an article like this comes the OMGOBESITYEPIDEMIC!!!!1! assertion: when you get fat, you are susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Yes, folks, let us continue to beat this dead horse about how unhealthy fat is. But essentially, Mr. Finkelstein is saying that since medicine has improved so vastly, folks can choose to be obese. The repercussions aren’t that great anymore.

“When you have a first-rate medical system that can cure the diseases that obesity promotes, you no longer need to worry so much about being obese,” he told AFP.

“With our ever-advancing modern medicine there helping to save the day (at least for many people), are government and the media blowing the magnitude of the ‘obesity crisis’ out of proportion?” his book says….and draws the conclusion that “many individuals are making a conscious decision to engage in a lifestyle that is obesity-promoting.”

“People make choices, and some people will choose a weight that the public health community might be unhappy about. Why should we try to make them thinner?” Finkelstein said.

I was under the impression that there was no more obesity epidemic. Silly me. Anyhow, I reckon, as I have stated above, there are some pretty good reasons to worry about being obese. Not because fat is a bad thing that must be abolished (as every health expert/diet company/someone’s mother wants you to know) but because of the social stigma that is having wobbly bits. So, did the article find a regular person to say that no…fat really isn’t a choice? Of course! And they found a doctor, too! Here they are, in their own words:

Obesity is not a choice for Alley English, a 28-year-old mother from Missouri who has struggled with a weight problem all her life.

“If you knew that you could be what society considers normal, why would you not choose to do that?” English told AFP.

“As we get older, life does get more rushed and we do tend to make the easier choices sometimes,” English, who currently weighs 392 pounds (178 kilograms), told AFP.

“But you can’t say if you quit going to the drive-through, exercise more and eat more vegetables, you’ll lose weight. There are so many more factors involved.”

[Linda] Gotthelf also disagreed that people choose to be obese.

“There are studies in which people have said they would rather lose a limb or be blind than obese. Being obese is not a desire,” she said.

“For many, this is a problem they have struggled with for many years… it gets discouraging after a while,” she said.

“I would not doubt that if you asked obese people if they could push a button and not be obese, close to 100 percent would say they would push the button.”

Ok, y’all really didn’t have any hope for the doctor, huh? Me neither. I left out the other Sanity Watchers point eating statement she said before this one. You’re welcome. However, I have to differ about being “normal.” I’d never want to “push a button and no longer be obese.” I’d love to push a button and zap the bigots to another dimension. I’d love to push a button and end all the wars and conflict. But since I know my weight has nothing to do with my health, getting rid of it isn’t important. I’m all about my health. I want to be and feel strong. Be in shape. And “in shape” shouldn’t have jack shit to do with size, although unfortunately in this world it does. I’m just tired. Tired of folks assuming things about others’ lifestyles as if it’s their God given right to tell me how to live.

But, you know, I’m fat, and since it’s a choice, I TOTALLY asked for it.


The Media Is Confusing

Ok, so I’m watching VH1’s “All Access: 20 Skinniest Celebs.” And I’m wondering…why is the media so weird? For example, they profiled Janet Jackson. If anyone else out there is as into celeb gossip as I am, y’all know that she has had issues with her weight for years. So, they show this picture of her at her highest weight (about 180, she’s 5’4) and the commentators say that she’s “unrecognizable.” Ok. So then they show her at a svelte 120, and now she’s “outrageously thin.” What the hell, man?

Now see, if I were still (overly) young and impressionable, I’d be in a shambles. I’d be wondering…”Ok, y’all, what am I supposed to look like? Clearly I can’t be fat…because I’ll be a blimp…but clearly I can’t be thin, because I’ll be called anorexic. What do I do?”

It’s foolishness like this that causes so many of the issues that people (I can’t just say women today, because this same program identified men that are–or look like–and I quote, “manorexic”) have about their bodies and about food. And what is even more disturbing is that, since the media is so influential, people who fit into the Hollywood ideal of “normal” feel they have a right to preach to others about it.

On the flip side, some folks (fat and skinny) look at the pictures of the emaciated stars and say “This bitch needs to eat a sandwich.” Now, I can admit I was one of those folks. And in my quest to work on me I had to realize that my response is that of me at 10 when I was being taunted–I had to have SOMETHING to say to the folks vehemently spewing their jackassery at me. And I also had to realize that me saying “go eat” is as offensive to someone saying “stop eating” to me. So why is it that the media does the same damn thing with their “SCARY THIN” headlines one day and “BIG AS A HOUSE” propaganda the next? It’s as disheartening as it is disturbing.

I’m just appalled that with all of the influence that the media has they just cannot seem to use their powers for good.

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